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For example, if the main centimeter scale reads 0. They can be used in the repair or creation of anything that needs a tight tolerance.

Now look at the large 2 and notice that the vernier line of 13 is to the LEFT. This wikiHow will show you how to use and read a Vernier caliper. The “pike” on top of the hatchet is used for measuring inside dimensions.

Now you are helping others, just by visiting wikiHow.

How to Use a Vernier Caliper: 10 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Not Helpful 22 Helpful Thank you for sharing this information in such a simple and easily-read manner. You can adjust either pair of jaws by sliding the smaller scale. Add the numbers together.

In order to read the measurement readings from vernier caliper properly, you cqliper to remember two things before we start. We will just use a two steps method to how to read a vernier caliper pdf download the measurement reading from this:.

This article may be the most important one in the collection and the one most how to read a vernier caliper pdf download are looking for. Measuring and Marking Tools In other languages: C Creed Apr 18, I’ve never seen a metric vernier caliper – only dial calipers. It starts at zero, there’s a 5, a 10 and a This came one day before my pracs. Made Recently View more 7 total. How to read a vernier caliper pdf download smaller jaws fit into an opening, and can then be pushed outward to measure its internal diameter.

AK Ayub Khan Sep 18, What are the different measurements that can be made with a Vernier caliper? SS Selena Singh Sep 14, A Anonymous Aug 2, SK Sachin Khokhar Aug 6, The measurement-reading technique described in this post will be similar for vernier calipers which output measurement readings in inches.

JL Joseph Lolmanc Sep 27, Not Helpful 23 Helpful Just learning how to take a measurement and reading from a vernier caliper is often not enough to guarantee accuracy. Lock the slide with the screw if necessary. It looks like The file can be downloaded from here.

You always get an error when measuring something, it’s just probably so small that you don’t notice it. Some models also have a depth gauge. Typically, a caliper has a main scale marked with numbered inches or centimeters, how to read a vernier caliper pdf download smaller divisions between them.

The one just below it is a thumb button. SR Sonali Rajak Aug 18, These files will quickly help readers to familiarize themselves with the vernier caliper or can be used to refresh the memory for older users. Some common errors in technique and other experimental errors are also discussed and explained in this article, making it an essential part of a vernier caliper users collection.

Vernier Caliper PDF Files (Portable Document Format) for Learning

Find the first mark on the Vernier scale that lines up perfectly with any line on the main scale. Yup, another tool that was totally designed for righties.

If vernier constant is given, how can I find the difference between vernier scale division and main scale division? The main scale is “life size,” while the sliding scale is magnified xaliper easy reading.

NB Nay Min Beckett 2 days ago. Before measuring anything, close the jaws and faces to zero out the reading so that you get a precise measurement.

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