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Check 1 Check that the inner cable of the control cable assem- bly slides smoothly.

Assemble the rotor set in the pump body in such a direction that the drilled mark of the rotor may be seen from the outside. Suspend the disc brake assembly with suitable string.

Harley Davidson Sportster Xl l Manual

ABS terkos lamp remains illuminated immediately after ignition daihagsu is turned ON. Compress the snap ring, using a vise or the like. EM—81 2 When measuring oil clearance after disassembling: Remove the crankshaft timing belt pulley.

Remove the rocker arms, spacers and wave washers from the removed valve rocker shaft. One is a route in which the power is transmitted from the input shaft to the front planetary sun gear via the C1 clutch.

EF—11 Trouble shooting hints daihatsu terios manual pdf download. Ensure that the engine revolution within the specified range. Remove the fan and fan shroud.

Leaky exhaust valves 4. Remove the attaching nut of the magnetic switch from the drive housing.

Connect the power train stiffener between the engine. Install the engine unit to the suitable engine stand. Check main relay in the 11 — Remove the instrument finish lower panel by removing the two attaching bolts. EM—46 2 Checking daihatsu terios manual pdf download cam lobe height Measure the cam lobe height, using a micrometer.

If not, check and repair the rear brake system. JEM 8 Install the connecting rod cap, making sure that the daihahsu marks are lined up.

The transfer system employs a negative pressure-driving actuator type, with a center differential lock mechanism. Remove the pressure plate and clutch disc.

Daihatsu Cuore 94 Service Manual

As a result, the planetary short pinion and planetary long pinion come in a locked state. Visually inspect the transfer front drive chain for damage or wear. JCL 4 Apply EP grease to the entire inner periphery of the clutch release bearing hub assembly. EM— Shape Part No. Hence, the coupling body manyal at its low speed daihatsu terios manual pdf download. Remove the direct clutch together with the forward diwnload at the same time. Install the cylinder head assembly on the cylinder block.

Measure the contact width section between the shift heads and the shift daihatsu terios manual pdf download lever. Install the front drive shift link lever to the transfer case.

Inspection of tension spring 1 Check the free length of the spring Free Length: Jacking up 1 When only the front section or rear section of the vehicle is jacked up, be sure to place chocks dpf the wheels so as to insure safe operations.

Daihatsu 1997 Terios J100 Service Manual

CL—10 3 Apply EP grease to the entire periphery of the sliding Apply grease surface of the release fork support. Then, degrease and dry it.

Place the vehicle on the four-wheel brake tester. Install the doqnload in the drive end frame assembly. Remove the filler plug and gasket.

Install the snap ring. Ensure that the brake daihatsu terios manual pdf download, anti-squeal shims and pad guide plates are installed properly. Then, perform the adjustment by turning the switch section so that they may be aligned. Jack up the vehicle.