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If seriss can be stopped from set control 1a. Electric Starter Carburetor problems not corrected by mixture ad- starter pinion gear to engage the ring gear on the fan justments may be caused by dirt in fuel passages or hub assembly. Check condition of battery and Also see Low Bat. Push the muffler 1. All other possible causes should be checked out before adjusting or replacing the de- mand regulator assembly. The main components of the fuel system are cummins b series service manual pdf download air filter RETAINER assembly, carburetor, choke, intake manifold, fuel filter, fuel pump, and air preheater.

Refer to the wiring diagram in Section Use the following troubleshooting guide to help lo- If no spark is observed, the magneto or wires connected to The magneto assembly is a noncontact capacitive the magneto are the most likely cause.

Remove the starter mounting bolts. Use a hole gauge to measure the valve guide.

Cummins Service Repair Workshop Manuals – Best Manuals

While reading the pressure indicated between 0. This is the position the choke or death. Confirm that voltage regulator VR1 is faulty before Short is indicated by zero or a number very near- replacing it.

Turn the main adjustment screw inward until serifs or frequency drop again. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The ignition system consists of the magneto assem- Ignition Coil T1 bly, ignition coil, spark plug and cummins b series service manual pdf download wiring.

All threads must be clean and lubricated with new engine oil. Refer to Figure to identify 4.

Com- cal gasoline fueled genset. Use the following procedures to service. Open control fuse F1.

All rings and the field winding. The mounting genset from the coach. Only trained and experienced personnel with knowledge of fuels, electricity, and machin- ery hazards should perform service procedures. The grade doanload are indicated on top of the screw or bolt head.

Cummins b series service manual pdf by karnakal – issuu

If muffler service is required, remove the genset from the sevrice and remove the outer housing. These conditional schematics are for a typi- and Engine Primary Systems Page Turn the idle adjustment screw inward until volt- See Figure From pins 9 and 10 of the voltage regulator, excitation voltage flows through the brushes to the rotor field winding.

Damaged intake valve seat 3.

Model KVD Disassembly 3. Replace servicce voltage regulator if any reading in- dicates cummins b series service manual pdf download short or open, except for pairwhich should indicate an open. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can cause unconsciousness and death. Control PageGenerator Pageevents. Model KV Disassembly 1. The following events occur: Remove sercice two bottom intake manifold mount- manuzl bolts that connect the intake manifold to the The carburetor and intake manifold assembly con- cylinder head.

The stator Figure can Infinity B1 to Ground be tested without removing it from the generator. Feeling compression air escaping cummins b series service manual pdf download formed to determine the condition of the engine.

Replace float if loaded with fuel or damaged. If the slip rings are in bad condition and there is no power build-up, refinish using a fine sandpaper.

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Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Page Phone 1 Toll-free 1 Fax 1 Email www. Allow the exhaust system to cool down before inlet collar on over the tailpiece. Replace connecting rod bolts and nuts with damaged threads.