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Loose or damaged wiring. Page 18 Test 2: Know Your Riding Mower Compare the illustrations in Figure 4 with your riding mower to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Periodically check the brake by craftsman riding mower manual pdf download out the following test: The warranty on this riding ridint does not cover items that have been subjected to operator abuse or negligence. Page 8 Know Your Riding Mower Compare the illustrations in Figure 4 with your riding mower to craftsman riding mower manual pdf download yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments.

Be careful not to contact any adjacent metal part or short across posts. Acceda a la palanca del regulador det carburador y al tornilto de vetocidad al vacfo desde esta abertura. Float Hinge Valve: Con el motor en marcha, coloque el control det estrangulador en mmower posici6n SLOW lenta.


It should click into the “blade engaged” position. Immediately prepare your tractorfor storage atthe end ofthe season or if the tractor will not be used for 30 days or more. moer

Las cuchitlas pueden activarse con la podadora en movimiento o detenida. Retire y descarte la bolsa de plastico que cubre la unidad. Cubierta Enganche Cable Enaanche de cuchilla Pedal Figura 13 El ajuste en el pedal de crafysman de la cuchilla se hace en el extremo det cable. Attach the red battery cable to this positive terminal and tighten securely.

Craftsman 247.27022 Owner’s Manual

Seat Position The seat position on the riding mower craftsman riding mower manual pdf download be adjusted to maximize the operator’s mowsr. Lubricate blade assembly and deck spindle only while reassembling the blade either after sharpening or replacement. The operation of any riding mower can result in foreign objects being thrown into the operator’s eyes, causing severe eye damage.

Butlike allproducts, itmay require repair from time totime. Causa s posibles contacte al centro de servicio Remember that the air cleaner must be assembled to the carburetor before re- starting craftsmqn engine.


Clean the spark plug and reset the gap to craftsman riding mower manual pdf download. Felicitaciones por esta inteligente compra. Coloque l anueva banda alrededor delapolea dela cubierta y lapoleadetmotor asegura. Pull the boot up and remove screw from positive terminal with a wrench. Page 54 Conozca las propiedades Compare las ilustraciones en Figura 4 con su unidad para familiarizarse con la ubicaciSn de los distintos controles y ajustes. To ensure safe and proper operation of your tractor all parts and hardware you assemble must be tightened securely.

Save this manual for future reference. Utilice siempre los anteojos de seguridad provistos antes de operar el equipo o mientras 1oajusta o 1o prf. Holding sides of the crate firmly, downloar top of the crate up and set it aside. Page 7 Wing Nut Craftsman riding mower manual pdf download Discharge Chute ulchin Plug Figure 3 Insert the plug into the side-discharge aligning the two slots on two sides of the side- discharge chute with those on the mulching plug.

Expert service by our 12, professional repair specialists Craftsman riding mower manual pdf download service and no charge for parts and labor on all covered repairs Modelo de motor Modelo de un s61o cilindro, enfriado pot aire.

Road test tractor for proper stopping distance as stated above. Retire la cubierta de la bateda para acceder a las terminales. Levante el cofre como se indica anteriormente.

Page 19 Adjusting the Carburetor Differences in fuel, temperature, altitude or load may require minor carburetor adjustments. The carburetor on this engine is equipped with an idle mixture valve with a limiter which allows some adjustment, and an idle speed adjustment screw.