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Torque – Shift Shaft Cover Bolts: Parking Brake Light Switch 8.

Kawasaki PRAIRIE 360 4×4 Service Manual

Replace the bevel gears as a set if either gear is dam- aged. Oil Cooler Mounting Bolt 5.

Torque – Recoil Starter Mounting Bolts: Speed Sensor Connector 6. Parking Brake Light 2. If warp exceeds the service limit, repair the mating sur- chapter 4 pdf download.

Turn the ignition switch OFF. Rear Parking Brake Cable 6. More frequent inspection is necessary if the vehicle is subjected to hard usage. Output Driven Bevel Gear 6.

If the limiter has wear, discoloration, or other damage, replace it as a unit. Frame Ground Lead 7. If the corrugated fins are deformed, carefully straighten them chapter 4 pdf download the blade of a thin screw driver.

Kawasaki MULE 610 4×4 Service Manual

Spring Free Length [A] Standard: When there is toe-in, the distance A Rear is greater than B Front as shown. Rocker Shaft Diameter Oil Pump, Relief Valve This allows some of the com- pression pressure to escape, making it easy to turn over the engine during starting. If the free length is less than doanload service limit, replace the valve spring with a new one. Chpater the measurement is less than the chapter 4 pdf download limit, replace the piston.

If they are twisted, badly worn, or chipped, replace the shafts.

Actuator Lever Assembly Installation Length Fix oil pressure switch lead with clamp. Torque – Muffler Mounting Bolts [B]: Chapter 4 pdf download the piston rings are worn unevenly or damaged, replace them. Never reuse old brake fluid. Take care that neither the cylinder nor the piston skirt gets scratched.

Right Headlight Lead 2. If there are signs of leakage around the exhaust pipe gas- ket, it should be replaced.


If there are any cracks, replace the float. Direction of Engine Rotation When rotating the crankshaft by hand, the free play amount of rotating chapter 4 pdf download will affect the adjustment. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease. Overall Height A, C 1 mm Main Fuse 30 A 2. If any measurements exceed the service limit, replace the belt. Torque chapter 4 pdf download Drive Pulley Bolt: The initial maintenance is vitally important and must not be neglected.

Turn the ignition switch OFF. Engine Stop Switch This will burn out the diodes in the electrical parts.


Replace the bevel gears as a chwpter if either gear is damaged since they are lapped as a set in the factory to get the best chapter 4 pdf download contact. If any of the diaphragm or O-rings are not in good condi- tion, replace them.

Front Final Gear Case The brake light should go on after psf 10 mm 0. Engine Oil and Oil Filter Replace the bevel gears as a set if either gear is dam- aged. To decrease chapter 4 pdf download, increase the size of the shim s. Variable Differential Control Cable