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Stay in the Know! Along the way, you’ll also meet the scientists and the fundamental discoveries that have made modern electronics possible. Explore all of the key components and essential principles through a series of fascinating experiments. Components and Techniques Make: Charles Platt downloae a former science fiction writer his best known book is probably The Silicon Man who switched to journalism and became a senior writer for Wired magazine.

Make Electronics – Learning Through Discovery – 2nd Edition | PDF

The key requirement of Learning by Discovery is that it has to be hands-on. Charles Platt’s clearly written, lavishly illustrated book over full-color photographs and illustrations carefully walks you through 36 experiments. Discover by breaking things: You’ll build the circuits first, then learn the theory behind them!

Learning by Discovery Most introductory guides begin by using definitions and theory to explain some fundamental concepts. I want you to dive right in and start putting components together without necessarily knowing what to expect.

Make Electronics – Learning Through Discovery – 2nd Edition

Fortunately, the tools and components that you need are inexpensive. You might also like these Newsletters: This is Learning by Discovery, which I believe is more fun, more interesting, and more memorable.

Electrical Engineering Publish Date: Electronics, you’ll start working on real projects as soon as you crack open the book. I also love the sense of humor. Go from switching circuits to integrated circuits, and from simple alarms to programmable microcontrollers. I think of this as learning by explanation.

Please contact the content providers to delete copyright contents if any and email us, we’ll remove relevant links or contents immediately. Electronics Deluxe Tool Kit or Make: If you’ve always been intimated by poorly-written, overly technical electronics books or tech websites that assume you already know far more than you do, we made this book especially for you.

I want you to burn things out and mess things up, to see for yourself the behavior and limitations of the parts that you are dealing with. Learning about electronics can be fun, so long as you approach the process in the right way. You build and experience the circuit as in the aforementioned battery licking first, then you learn the theories behind it.

This book works the other way around. Please share with your friends, let’s read it!! You can drive a car without understanding the workings of an internal combustion engine, so why should you learn about electricity and electronics? The Components Packs include all of the parts you need for the experiments without going through the trouble of sourcing everything yourself. You can derive some value from this book merely by reading it, but you will enjoy a much more valuable experience if you perform the experiments yourself.

Circuits are included to demonstrate what you have been told. You may also find it helpful but not absolutely necessary if you can move decimal points from one position to another.

Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery

The very low voltages used throughout this book may damage sensitive components, but will not damage you. Do you like this book?

It is also very affordable.

Step-by-step instructions and more than full-color photographs and illustrations will help you use and understand electronics concepts and techniques. Science education in schools often follows a similar plan.